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Where 20,000+ diverse professionals and allies unite to redefine success for underrepresented talent.

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By joining our community you will get access to:

1:1 Career Mentoring Sessions

From the C-Suite of the UK’s biggest companies to someone who is a little bit ahead of you who can give you support, our mentors come from all walks of life to give you career advice. As a community member you can book 1:1 mentoring sessions to help you improve your inclusive leadership skills or advance your career.

Programmes that Elevate Your Trajectory

Whether you're starting your journey or aiming for the C-Suite, our tailored programmes elevate your trajectory, provide the guidance, support, and resources you need to navigate every step of your career pathway.

Events that Forge Lasting Connections

Networking isn't just about building contacts; it's about forming meaningful relationships. Through our events, connect with fellow high-calibre professionals, mentors, and allies who are committed to your growth.

Insights That Ignite

Access insights and resources that will reshape your understanding of inclusive leadership and career success.

Community-Driven Impact

Become a catalyst for change. By being part of our community, you contribute to fostering inclusive workplaces, dismantling barriers, and making a positive difference in the professional world.

Meet our community members

"I am so happy to have had this opportunity to learn from some industry leading experts."

Imisi Fakunle

Graduate Product Manager

Programme Participant

"After securing a role with Grind through Journi, it provided me with the opportunity to work across D2C Platforms. I know that I would be welcomed to volunteer in the future to inspire the next generation of diverse programme cohorts at Journi. Onwards and upwards to creating a cycle of change!"

Victor Kolawole

Amazon Growth Manager


"I previously completed one of Journi's programmes, and experienced first-hand the impact that Journi can have on people's lives. The programme gave me the confidence and skills to take the leap in my career from a Product Designer to a contracting Senior Product Design. Since completing the programme, I have worked for Boots, Deutsche Bank, and Karmarama."

Elvis Ridmap

Senior User Experience Designer

Programme Participant

Who makes up our Community

We are a community of 20,000 talented professionals in total. Our community consists of the following key individuals:

Diverse Professionals

(80% of our community)

High potential professionals from black, female or low-household-income backgrounds. We are here to help you progress to the next stage of your career.


(20% of our community)

Current or aspiring leaders and experts, from any social background, who are keen to learn how to develop the necessary leadership skills to improve inclusion and diversity for their companies and across their industries.

To find out about which roles exist in our community, click here.

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